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The Highest Security Removable Fastener

Have you ever needed a fastener that offers a serious level security and been told you need to use a permanent, non-removable fastener?

In some cases, it is important that these fasteners can be removed by authorized persons when required but a “standard” security fastener just won’t Read More→

Security Screwbolts

The pathway that led us to introduce this range of High Security Screwbolts was an interesting one. Read More→

Whirlwind Square Drive

New Whirlwind Square drive range now Launched!

Contact us to confirm your current discount. Special pricing available for bulk purchase.

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Sentinel Plate Lok Stand


Police records show that more than 10,000 number plates were stolen last year in Victoria alone! Sentinel is at the forefront of the fight against this crime with their handy packs of one-way Clutch Head screws presented on attractive cardboard counter stands. The packs contain an assortment of screws which will fit any brand of car or motorbike. This saves your staff wasting time by scratching in stock for suitable screws for customers who want to secure their number plates – just tell them to Pick a Pack & Go! Read More→

UNI-SET Screws for the ultimate security solution!

UNI-SET Screw recesses are precision engineered with their own unique shapes with matching driver keys to suit. This complexity makes it the most secure tamper resistant fastener system available and absolutely guarantees authorised locking & unlocking access only…Read more. Read More→

NEW Shear Bolts range!

Sentinel is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of Shear Bolts!

Now available Ex Stock, This range complements our existing Range of shear nuts and is a welcome addition for applications which require a genuine security, non-removable bolt Fixing. Read More→


Sentinel Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of Button and Countersunk head screwbolts! Available with a Torx drive recess, these screwbolts are ideal for high strength anchoring into a variety of masonry base materials. Read More→


SPECIAL RELEASE: Prolnx decking screw merchandiser

Total RRP: Over $850.00 Read More→

Decking Screws Range

It Has Arrived!

Sentinel is proud to announce the introduction of its NEW whirlwind range.

Should you require any further information about the range, click the PDF icon below and download a comprensive flyer.

Click here to download the Decking Screws Flyer

For a hard copy of the flyer please call 1800 776 565 or click here to email us.