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Ten industry applications for tamper-proof screws

Security is a growing concern in many industries.

Whether you need to protect valuable equipment from damage, theft or vandalism or you have the safety of your staff, clients and community in mind, we have a secure fixing to suit your project’s needs.

Here’s a guide to our most popular solutions and how they can be used in your industry.

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Pick the right security fastener for the job

With fasteners being such a critical aspect of any project, it’s also important to make sure that you are using the correct type of fastener for each application.

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High-Security Fasteners for Auckland’s New Maximum Security Prison

When it comes to designing a new correctional facility, nothing is taken for granted, even security fasteners. Around-the-clock security is paramount, as is the health and safety of staff, inmates and the community. Read More→

What is the right fastener – Levels Of Security

Imagine for a moment that someone could walk into Bunnings and buy a set of keys for your car!
That would cause some concern no doubt….. Read More→

Security Roofing Screws for Defence Facilities

The NACC Facility Project

The Australian Government is currently investing $1.6 billion into facilities to accommodate the introduction of the F35-A Joint Strike Fighters Read More→

Prolok Screwbolts used at Ravenhall Prison

The New Ravenhall Prison

A new prison is being constructed in Melbourne’s western suburb of Ravenhall. The Ravenhall prison, built to accommodate Read More→

The Highest Security Removable Fastener

Have you ever needed a fastener that offers a serious level security and been told you need to use a permanent, non-removable fastener?

In some cases, it is important that these fasteners can be removed by authorized persons when required but a “standard” security fastener just won’t Read More→

Value of the Month – Generating Trust

We believe that core values is what keeps a business together, without values an organisation or individual with sorely Read More→

Sentinel Drive Thread Forming Bolts

A product that is not commonly know in our range of Security Fasteners is the Sentinel drive thread forming bolt.

Thread forming bolts can Read More→

May 2016 – Operations Performance

Our Operations team here at Sentinel have committed to working towards a target of 99% of items shipped correctly and on time. This takes into account a lot of activities that include our entire purchasing, warehousing and dispatch teams working together. Read More→